About The Cosmos

You seemed to know
It seemed liked you knew
About the cosmos
Your love for words
For the arts
For poetry
The attention to words
I thought I noticed.
The love you had for things
I loved it
That passion
That love

How did you have it.


You would flicker
In your belief
Of the great creator.

Sex addict.
Love for the human form.

Your anger
Your judgement
Your arrogance
Egotistical ass hat
Your darkness

I wanted to know all of it

I fumble in the darkness
Trying to place words
Like lego pieces
To clumsily build
Your breathtaking existence.

I hope magic is real.

Even if
You had not been speaking to me
It pains me
To think of you leaving this world
That you think of wanting to leave.

I’m not in love
But I do love
Admiration really
Obsessed even.

I hope this isn’t real.


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