If He Died

This feels familiar


How they loved me.
How they hated me.

The difference,
Mode of communication.
I spoke in verse
But the old one
Could read what I was thinking.
To an audience.

He needed an audience.
How did I know
Something I didn’t know
Until I read about it.
Or did I read it about it
And just think I didn’t know.

It must be real
Because I didn’t know about it before.

I’ll never know
If he’s departed.
He could have left
He could have lied.

Am I fortunate
To have dealt
With something similar
Prior to this occurrence.

Last time I believed it.
This time
I am uncertain
What is reality
Was it fabricated.

I wondered why he thought
We were meant to be.
Had he felt this way before
Was he familiar
With the concept of illusions
That trick the senses
Into perceiving the chain of events
As an unbreakable perspicacity
Of the world unfolding

I’ll never know
If he died.


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