It seems as if
My brain is smarter than me
It knows more than me.
It knows my interests
Before I have time to think about it.
The choice of words
Reacting to things before I take note
Lyrics it has absorbed from listening
Words pulled from different works
Where do all these words come from.
I choose words haphazardly
Without straining my thoughts
To procure these words
To make these sentences.
But it builds and builds
Change in choice of words
Change in attitude
Applied before I am aware of the why’s.

A piece can be artificially created
The emotions are replicated
For the sake of the piece in question
But the idea remains the same
Rebuilt by the assimilation of information
Granted by the expanding of experience

It emerges in all aspects.

Feel the anger in that moment
Relive a past encounter
Add things that weren’t written
Drafts that were written carelessly.
Take away.
The idea is still there
The words change
Because I have changed.

Insert words unfamiliar
Repeat them out loud
And the choice for words
In my speech changes.

While my obsession with writing this past week
Has been conducive to learning
I have realised
It is not a life worth living
If I forget to enjoy the moments
Life passes me.

And sometimes
I know exactly where these words come from
Sometimes I place them there intentionally.


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