Swirl and Flatter

Seraphs glide down from capes
In the forefront of our vision
As auburn violet hues
Paint the background.
Floating, soaring, rising
In slow motion,
Wings rise and fall,
They swirl and flatter
Their performance.

They goad us
With their perfumed hair;
Scents that taint
The purified oxygen.
They beam
Their sun ray smiles
That wash over
In searing
Thermal waves.
Their radiant
Bejeweled eyes
Sparkle and twinkle
Within the reluctant,
Buffeting mine.

“Play hide and seek with us.”
Lasciviously they laugh;
Sounds the heavens
Once knew;
Now covet;
Rhythmic honeyed voices
Thump in tympanic chambers
Softly caressing
Spiral labyrinths
Sending soothing,
Melting shivers,

Actually, they’re everywhere,
On every god forsaken landscape,
In every sphere of the spectrum air.

Sentence them to purgatory
Or to eternal damnation.
Separate them
From the rest of us;
Those with weak wills,
Who misplace our wits
Constantly falling
Into pits of lava.


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