Jarringly, I found out that my
Kamikaze like memories would
Kill themselves off without my
Noticing (allegorically),
Before an acceptable
Time frame had
Dodged by.

Wait, I think I spoke too quickly.

What about suppression…
Could I possibly
Relish this as an excuse?
What about how close
You, actually, were to me..

Maybe it could’ve
Been a hybrid of reasons.



Cardinals supplied euphoric nectars
For wailing ruby throats
That cared a little too much,
That took place of bested negotiations.

Nervously they’d fidget inside
Derailed woes.

The eminent spinster spins
His preference for reds
With illusory wools.

Partially drugged up from supping
Prospects of caricatures caused
Disappearing one point perspectives; pain filled
Comprehensions in minute successions
Vanishing in memory’s loss.


The course of virtual realities
Held steady streams in glistening purities
That belonged to deluded deities;
Their wrongs, unacknowledged.
Because their temples
Must have been of
Superior import
Than those considered to be
Lesser; inferiorities
Being duped by ignorances
By their own arrogances,
Spittling at their own
Transfigured transgressions.


Direly contained in eternal letters
Knaves huddled their derrieres
Close to alleviate the cold.

Her slewed sounds of magnetic coats;
Chortling nihilistically.

They’d exchange guarana seeds
Propagating paganistic dreams
That dropped everything.

Then they’d spin artistically,
Within those choked up days when
Kitted mates incandescently tried
To believe in some other distant thing,
Lest the calm be disrupted
When they’d meet.

Blindly They’d Follow

Single minded entities
With masochistic inclinations
Laden with sorrows lashed out;
Leashes, held by ownerships.

They pled for destruction
Laid in their wake.

Knowing it’s pain,
They go back running,
Referring to it as naiveté.

They’d amble in the unknown
Rambling about affected pleasures
Within weighted sparsities.

Pulled out identities.

“Well, I hate bad people”
“What makes someone a bad person”
“Well… if they’re masochists..”