By Some

Sidelining the shadows
Cautioned hesitance causes
A dip of a limb
Into pools lit in luminescence.
A feeble lane line is supplied
Inquiring as an extension
As its buoyancy acts
As mystical ley lines
Sinking under scrutiny.
Overexposure to ultraviolet rays
Burns the outer epidermal layer
Forcing us back to our den.

Understanding is no longer necessary.
Even if they may be soliloquies,
To be granted a moment of brevity
In the suns flickering radiant gaze
By some passersby,
Is more than enough.


This Nectar

Immersed in lukewarm
Strawberry nectar waves
Of a cadenced eudaimonic
Voice rapt in superfluous
Cantabiles, pour fluctuating
Language in romantic surges,
Pulling heart strings suavely
In rapidly paced tremolos.
I sit agog in ardor,
Basking in sweet fragrances.
Tasting the sourness
As the brain
Slowly makes the realisation
This nectar is poisoned.




Camouflaged in absence of light
It prowls her prey in circumferences.
The prey frenziedly scurries to a corner.
It gives up its partner in order for survival,
As it desperately escapes shamefully to safety.

Again, the same prey, cornered
By a different creature, similar fabrication.
Only wants its thorns removed from its hide.
But the prey, content in determination, blinded by practice
Barely budges, using twigs as chopsticks
Removing a single spine on its behind.


Nearly Tangible

Cautiously noting the mind’s receding ebb,
Drawn tides start to analyse what could be baryonic
Baryogenesis. Nearly tangible composite matter, a
Caustic reminder of how mind controlled fingers left me daunted.
Entreaties written in order to salvage my newfound motif,
Envelope me in irrefutable mysterious nebulaic puff.
Extended exposure or optical filters inspire
Extricated colours of nuanced diaphora,
Commonly referred to as love. As descended
Euphoric waves disdainfully entertain the beguiled.


The Horrid Shadow of Delusion

Seizing engrossing aggrandized attention in death;
Morally activating caustic, corroding, scathing contrition;
As epidemic discomfort spreads in dexterous manipulations;
Spurring consequential acts of feeble emanation;
Seeking evidence of true relinquishment or obstruction;
Delayed responses fueling remorseful regret;
Doubting the reception of outstretched hands;
The outcomes serving as proof for fleeting love or loss;
Reciprocal fascinations are entertained whimsically;
Bereavement forces acknowledgement of powerlessness;
As reluctant reverberations resolve to take preventative measures;
And then
The horrid shadow of delusion
Pierces its fingers into my existence.