Consistency’s Consisting

Preferred fallacies of moats
Border phallic dams
Built by the fair of the ebbing and crashing
Tide’s convincing phasing motion.

The water’s specular reflection
Glinting through the torrid sun;
Leagues of nereids hiding beneath
Calm cool purple tinted indigo waters, amongst slews of herring,
Placed protective spells on distressed sailors lost at sea
To protect them from scaly sirens
That sung on days most disdainfully scalding.

Fishermen shake their heads in disbelief
Scoffing at the mention of slandered sirens.
For they’d covertly stared many a times into
The noticeably glaring black eyes of their lovers
So lovingly.

Possessed by the dispossessed
Shame of the beautiful
Dichotomy of love and hate
That were one and the same.



Abundant alliterations acting as accusations
Are affronted as accommodations;
Baseless bitterness bear boorish
Benefactors bitten beyond boredom;
Countless cyclic circumferences
Confound calculated circumstances;
Deafening discontented drivel
Demand divergent dictations;
Embittered enraged eruptions
Endanger embrittled encumbrances;
Fiercely fervent forbearance’s
Fickly folding feeble furor;
Gaining garish glares governing
Grotesque garnished grievances;

Of human kind.