All The Tugging On Cells

Edited movie scenes,
Filmed when the moon’s glow
Illuminated deformities and insane
Skeletal ghouls flying out from twisted trees,
Magically took place of forgotten chroma keys.

There was a fenced in character,
Rendered immobile by knotted ropes
That spent time
Trying to escape in vain,
When they learnt enough
At the curdling deep end
Of some story about
This kind of reviled love
They never wanted
To know.


Insight Abilities

Kimura questioned and questioned,
But could not find the answer.
She had no way of comparing the
Two gargantuan spiders that resided
Amidst the leaves of toppling modernities,
No way of knowing their scientific classifications
Or any of the discoveries.
For it was her infantile mode of cognition
That had been the one deserving of blame.
But she reached for the one closest
Whilst whispering to herself, “This one is better.”