Lies wrapped up in curvatures of desires within frequencies
To send data to dead ends within chatters of withheld truths.
Shattered illusions of momentary glances in poetic nonsenses,
Questioning the lucidity inside transfigurations, juxtaposed by
Those seemingly understood.


Within His Hands

Within his hands he held a promise
I had sought since the first time I had fallen
Perhaps long before the premise.
Even if it may not have been pointed in my direction
He had shown me love, understanding, predilection
I wanted to know the wisdom, the knowledge radiated
From inside the lines he had written.

What was this creature known as man, I wanted
To know it. His soul piercing stare infiltrated
My senses, my body. But I didn’t possess
The clairvoyant vision he had been granted
In reading these words where we profess
Our basic fundamental existence. Venerated
Cajolement could have been generic
Attracting those who turn to writing. But it felt specific.

But I know
I’m really
Not all that different.