Checked Realities

Grimaces plastered on grimy water basket cases,
Meander, search, and grasp at twiny string dolls
Gandering stringently at lettered arcane whorls on the floor
“Now, where did this lead, this peculiar thing..?”, seethingly
Inquiring within warring memories; where every word,
Listlessly given and taken, was not felt any more than
How gusty dreams were had unknowingly.
Yet they’d cling to these invisible clothesline strings.


Asset’s Bountiful Dangers

Lost prehistoric hydras
Lay resting, curled up, at
Their suffusive indigo lagoons.
Dreaming silky dreams about the world’s
Vainest trivialities in submissive
Full spectrum trails that spun and were multihued;
Soft malleable surfaces organized above
The volcanized earthen bedrock.

Forbearers presiding over
This scene, breathe in
The emanating rancid fumes
Reminiscent of sulfuric odors
Commentating on the horrific,
Questioning their livelihood, individually
Bouncing off vulcanized rubbers.

Residual effects amid disturbances
From palpable voices escaping
Their petulant lips,
Slicing steady airy vapors, upon contact
Stir these bleary eyed beasts,
Pulsating veins, indifferently thrashing
Their orifices exposing shark like teeth,
Quickly tamed by way of Indra’s metalloid hands

Who sparked into being, gently murmured,
“Let’s calm and recant
You bitter monster”,


O, if only hollow beliefs were tantamount to knowings,
thou wouldst not hath hadst to froth
in what were the gasping spasms of thine own inquiries.
If only hope were:
– with margins
– a Ritalin efficacy
but for naught doth these discordant pleas occur;
falls on life’s unhindered ears, unheard or unconvinced,
but what difference dost it make when tis but the same.

How doth these wayward flames
hath frost in it’s stead.
If ‘twere that teleportation devices
hadst cometh in our time, o
what frolicking couldst hast incurred,
as our chitter chatters would fill valleys
around the nigh of unveiled sky stars
til the eve of the eastward sun’s reprise,
unless the dullahan did decide to cease mid ride.


Caterpillar cybernetic; an enhanced endoscopy:
Robotically shredding lettuce abundancies, they would crop,
Theoretically, munching with hydraulic gusto.

Crochet ends of moonstone decor with lined asteria;
Tinted in translucent opalescent nebulaeic dreams,
Twisting in macrocosms of a microscopic cornucopia.

Tactlessly lopping underneath bundles of nuclei,
Countlessly discounted, as the earth cached fated
Zero-sum games, stilted, in an altered dystopia.


The sun rises in flickering speeds, flashing
Through dusty clouds of snake skin scenes.
Rios effervesce on nature’s metaphysical terminologies
Where reeves and ruffs wade and conversate in tongues
Deluding themselves in grandiosities and insecurities;
Their greatest fears and hopes and dreams and nightmares;
Transcending airs swish fully into translatable swivels by
Daunted leaves immediately disappearing in haste into ethers.

Scores brightly lit by suns of unhindered perceptions in saturated
Lifts of lit blues that adhere and blend, fading in white stinted tints.
Denied rivulets act as hovels to tiny dancing nymph like creatures
While the injured act as indications of reasons to hide in fantastical
Seasons of obtrusive and senseless connotations, warping muddy
Cesspools of crazed lines, crackled and cracked, slighted fixations
Reenvisioned by processes, repeated, ideations writ in binary code,
Lost in the originations of the creator in the why’s, how’s, and when’s.

Superficial wares sold on ness like borders, consciously decided
By migrant roamers unaware of the “to what extent’s” of fineries
That seem perceivable, while the unknown suffer those lamentations.
Hideous throes of murky dribbles flow into sub-terrariums located
Beneath those rios. Environmental observations of stimuli by these
Passerbys qualify the quantitative gaggles of the Animalia and
The Mystical in cajoling reversals of possible combinations while
Slurping up shucked clams, having acquired those preferences.

Unseen moons in rotations cover the suns in totality, inhaling focal
Lights, leaving traces of luminescent umber shades softly fading into
Darkened ultramarines of minimized scales as exhalations release
Them into emotional states of misguided attempts of icy humanistic
Redundancies, removed in blurred lines of intended plans in subjective
Realities that echo and rebound nonsensical formations of evidences
Made up by matters of solidities inside paranoid fueled conjectures;
Forcing us to question what is real and what isn’t.


Flora and fauna waver inside of green bamboo
Liturgies, dwindling by the numbers in stinted
Abnormalities; a deft escapade into a cave womb.

Legions, in weaves, gather at the sun’s dragging eve.
Materialized celestial bodies, decked out in regalia,
Taunt at those taut covered lids, fabricating the inert.

Reactive stimuli, benign, latent, a recompensed spree;
Spuriously preferred folds shaped inside the imperious.