More Than

Battered knitted balls volley across
Delineating slews of dualistic knowings;
Jaunted vaunts of justified haunts.
Fingers tracing stitched lines of
Knotted threads and peeling leathers
Located on beveled navels of botched
Molestations bursting at the seams.
Fiery offenses at designed schemes
Theoretically timed as gusted guises of
Humanistic values cyclically rotating.


Blend In

Personalities of identifications
Synonymously chameleon
In between blended sceneries.

An emphatic bidirectional brushstroke
Is easily noticed
In unidirectional stroked paintings.

Empathetic rituals of dissonance’s;
Discordance against acceptances;
Wallflowers or wildflowers;
Differences and similarities;

Dualistic gains and losses in choices
Of speaking or remaining unspoken.