Asset’s Bountiful Dangers

Lost prehistoric hydras
Lay resting, curled up, at
Their suffusive indigo lagoons.
Dreaming silky dreams about the world’s
Vainest trivialities in submissive
Full spectrum trails that spun and were multihued;
Soft malleable surfaces organized above
The volcanized earthen bedrock.

Forbearers presiding over
This scene, breathe in
The emanating rancid fumes
Reminiscent of sulfuric odors
Commentating on the horrific,
Questioning their livelihood, individually
Bouncing off vulcanized rubbers.

Residual effects amid disturbances
From palpable voices escaping
Their petulant lips,
Slicing steady airy vapors, upon contact
Stir these bleary eyed beasts,
Pulsating veins, indifferently thrashing
Their orifices exposing shark like teeth,
Quickly tamed by way of Indra’s metalloid hands

Who sparked into being, gently murmured,
“Let’s calm and recant
You bitter monster”,


Duly Spoken

They offered empty golden statues,
Stating boldly, interjecting in amphitheaters,
That they had found the object
That would guide them
To a life in permanence
To the gods of agnosticism.

So these men, one day
Set sail on mechanical ships to the seas,
Whilst the sun shone most brilliantly,
Towards the oracles that resided
Within the deepest depths of ocean caves
Where they received their prophecies
That doomed their eternal lives,
Chained to the charmless road
Where love would cease to confide.

Hopeful fantasies of immortality
Were replaced by the idea
That all men were made to be mortal;
The promise that death
Would be the only force in velocity
That would drive them away;
Spells turned into a skidding rarity.

While they decided to keep faith
That knowing their fates
Was what would separate
Theirs from the rest.

On Love Lane

Unicorn breeds of centaurs
Unctuously strangled pages
Nihilistically on nebulaic planes.

Air Forces throttling controls to prevaricate
Actionable miscellaneous sounding
Alarms, judiciously.

Unable to liken the situation to a calm, the
Forestalling of heat coming from realities accelerating
Kinetic energies inducing gaseous compressions,
Remotely, was left unresolved. Where strangely unreadable
Frictions, regrettably moaned, inside the SpaceVoid’s passenger
Compartment; a once conceived novelty, the first.

Consistency’s Consisting

Preferred fallacies of moats
Border phallic dams
Built by the fair of the ebbing and crashing
Tide’s convincing phasing motion.

The water’s specular reflection
Glinting through the torrid sun;
Leagues of nereids hiding beneath
Calm cool purple tinted indigo waters, amongst slews of herring,
Placed protective spells on distressed sailors lost at sea
To protect them from scaly sirens
That sung on days most disdainfully scalding.

Fishermen shake their heads in disbelief
Scoffing at the mention of slandered sirens.
For they’d covertly stared many a times into
The noticeably glaring black eyes of their lovers
So lovingly.

Possessed by the dispossessed
Shame of the beautiful
Dichotomy of love and hate
That were one and the same.

Dissolved Clarity

A typical genre
Of a difficult couple dines
In the stony confines
Of Cezanne’s extravaganzas
As knot like roots
Of snaking whispers
Originating from
A trio, far away,
Of disdainful solicitors
Are ignored within the id.

As they consumed
Oven baked carrots
Of connected purple hues,
Intricately infused with dope
Insouciantly laced by gangstas,

As a heartbeat morosely hums
In accordance to masteries
In rhythmic drums,
A tried soul dolefully
Experiences a stoking hunger
It had never known,
In this solitary wistful conclusion.


Always sanguinely grasping at spirits summoned by necromancers
As they would leave, we would chase them, searching, desperately
Anointing impossibilities despite respites in another attempt within the
Accumulating sands in realizations in hourglasses, a bewitching form.

Cumulated experiences that lead our never ending defeats;
Bullshitteries held up in white flags, gnaw on misleads;
Black velvet discrepancies; diminishing effortful fields
Analyzed in the opposite-of-brave steps inside clarity;
A sheen reflecting sun beam realities on our protruding nubs,
Ghastly dropped into sharp shredders inside ruddy shrubs.

A Thing

Somewhere, a thing
Finds solace in the ordered
Spell bindings, carelessly.

For fear was a thing
That existed within
Mirrored kinds.

Vision only grants access
To the wanted.
The wanted = bratlings,
While the novel
Becomes the next
Sought out encounter.

So a thing, trembles
When they say:
Speak to me please,
While reflections in the past
Cried out their shame.

For a thing’s words spoke more
Than a thing might intend,
While a thing saw much less.

Hopeful pleas that would
Then fall by it’s self.

While a thing
Finds pleasure in
Filling up senses
Without knowing how
To do it.
Without knowing how
Well it could please.

We Would

Austerely bare, we’d lay
In wait, fingers barely brushing
Our creator’s extended hand.

Oh, how we’d struggle to
Even breathe these words
Into parses of acceptable
Offerings, humbly knelt
In your reassembly
In the unmistakable likeness
Of a master sculptor,
Unworthy of your life
Embalming palms.

In which earthen world could
Our words ever hope to reach
Your indescribable coalition
Amassed in the gravity
Of our time and space, tossed
Into the ever deepening divide
Antagonizing our senseless lives
In each searing word, lit as fuck.

In the truest time we’d abide,
As these hieroglyphic pleas,
Inexplicably existed
Only by the skins
Of our teeth,
Were then nipped
At budded ends;

Each and every
Eye opened birth portending
Inescapable heights
In our stories retold
In poinsettia forms.


Likeminded herds,
Heard fretful antlered growths
Where merrily made guises
Kept fading into the distant
Sorrows of slowly rotting carcasses,

Resting in the fractured pieces of
Divestments in the unturned (as of yet)
Hallowed investments of those untamed
Coyote minds, ever watchful of fractalizing
Detachments after having upturned
These beratingly hushful uncertainties in
Resentful wooded dreams inside glasses of
Jaded memories ticking forward
That then staggered and froze,
When they unstartlingly pondered,
“Today” or maybe, perhaps, “tomorrow”.