Checked Realities

Grimaces plastered on grimy water basket cases,
Meander, search, and grasp at twiny string dolls
Gandering stringently at lettered arcane whorls on the floor
“Now, where did this lead, this peculiar thing..?”, seethingly
Inquiring within warring memories; where every word,
Listlessly given and taken, was not felt any more than
How gusty dreams were had unknowingly.
Yet they’d cling to these invisible clothesline strings.



Enveloped in awe they’d watch
Earthen moats inundated
With brine that gently sprout
Out from the back of enchanted palms
As they rose fluffy doe eyed creatures,
Approximately the size of clementines,
That were then knowingly dropped in.

The intrepid look to noisy applicators,
Afraid this was the last time,
Afraid that they wouldn’t be
Able to swim through tepid aquas,
In order to heed their decrees
Where they, in acquiescence,
Wondered how fates would bend,
Then sadly said, “We don’t believe”.

As they unintrepidly cried,
“Just stay here
With me..        please.”

Because they couldn’t see
Their distant reasoning.

“Uncertainty is just a part of life.”
They reactively deadpanned,
At which they spat, “fuck you, you shats.”

If They Had Time Remotes

Hastily, in panic,
They change the
Speed settings on their
Time remotes,
By scanning ID cards
With inflections programmed into
Speech recognition databases.

Plumes from fumigated fields
Move in a kind of uber
Super duper slow motion
While the few others
Regrettably fumbled or stood in the fumes
With their devices, but just
Couldn’t see; afraid.

Yet they, unable
To find the numbers,
The purpose
To destinations,
Searching for the undetermined,
Not knowing
How or where to look, but wanting to,
Hopefully at trajectories of mean insects in
The midst of flight along with wells
Shooting up waters;
Reactions from demolition mines.

Where they, doused and riled up,
Dully couldn’t decide
Which was the best
Path to alter,
Left right in that
Matter filled moment.

Then questioned, expectant,
Your love in the time
They spent in familiarity
Within yesterday’s still remote fields
Without knowing the reasons,
The duration or how real,
Since, it was.


Discordful characters, scribbled, originating
From black sands of volcanic beaches, inscribed on mulberry paper,
Float and flit in rippling flagellation
Towards a resting codex,
Sequestered inside a villa.

Vanishing into smoky shadowy vestiges
Rematerialising into digitised pixels,
Vibrantly shimmering in iceberg hues
Turning into undetermined fillers
While hiding their life’s secrets
While dangling rues;

Tidbits of information
Hanging over the face of a cliff.

Where bunnies whiff
The faintest hint of vanilla honey lemons.


Flora and fauna waver inside of green bamboo
Liturgies, dwindling by the numbers in stinted
Abnormalities; a deft escapade into a cave womb.

Legions, in weaves, gather at the sun’s dragging eve.
Materialized celestial bodies, decked out in regalia,
Taunt at those taut covered lids, fabricating the inert.

Reactive stimuli, benign, latent, a recompensed spree;
Spuriously preferred folds shaped inside the imperious.

That it Would Never Be

Cotton puffs softly blended in
Salmons, greys, and whites
Sprawl across blue-orange skies.
Heavenly bodies impartial
To incandescent spectral lights
Reflect love’s wishes,

Retracting conjured forms
Beamed in conversing flows
Within whorls of shared spaces
To would-never-be realities

Tell me,
Does love get easier over time