Is You

She, dual wielding katars,
With two swift strokes
Swung her blades,
Stopping abruptly,
Suddenly made aware
To the slivers of polished daggers,
Fores of intricate emblems
With ivy’s intertwined, I was
But a prey encumbered
By her presence, divine;
Paralytic anesthetic;
She whispered nouveau rhetoric
Didactic into mine ear, a momentary
Removal from the fungal
Banal aesthetic, instantiated at that place,
Where fear once invoked lust.


It Creeps

Unmitigated strangle thorn verses
Wrap inside a vacuumed state of mind
Tracing its fingers through flesh.
Shuddering at spinal contact
At the thought of a ploy
Concocted with intent.

Her azure eyes smile
In aphrodisiacal gleam.