Checked Realities

Grimaces plastered on grimy water basket cases,
Meander, search, and grasp at twiny string dolls
Gandering stringently at lettered arcane whorls on the floor
“Now, where did this lead, this peculiar thing..?”, seethingly
Inquiring within warring memories; where every word,
Listlessly given and taken, was not felt any more than
How gusty dreams were had unknowingly.
Yet they’d cling to these invisible clothesline strings.


You Kept This Away

Defenses think to refuse to accept less than ideal winding
Perspectives that didn’t want to own tainted goods.
So they’d stay there, behind used mechanized personas
As another, personified by their own creation, scantily upon
Discarding wrapped metacognitive instances, under the sun,
By accident, where thoughts and feelings existed within love,

Deflecting watts of psychopathological reflections
More so when interests couldn’t recall the pro’s
From positive posited past exchanges on greener pastures,
Without a collective stimulus, to let them stimulate
Senses or tastefully mitigate meta
Focuses on grumbling con artists, who didn’t want
To be reminded of real tanks holding inefficiencies,
Connected in miles, alive in modes of held communications.

Yauld Day

Finally, in the very year of 2040, a few flourishing millennia ago,
Gremlins thought to let utility mechanisms
Back up gentilic data in noting hardrives
Through Mnemonic devices on a most
Yauld day when they went for Chinese, downtown,
With horns a toot tooting while they mixed
Then daringly drank straight up aquamarine espressos.

They recalled, declarative affronted syntaxes,
Semantically factual,
Carried impersonated episodic
Memories and autobiographically laden defeats.


Likeminded herds,
Heard fretful antlered growths
Where merrily made guises
Kept fading into the distant
Sorrows of slowly rotting carcasses,

Resting in the fractured pieces of
Divestments in the unturned (as of yet)
Hallowed investments of those untamed
Coyote minds, ever watchful of fractalizing
Detachments after having upturned
These beratingly hushful uncertainties in
Resentful wooded dreams inside glasses of
Jaded memories ticking forward
That then staggered and froze,
When they unstartlingly pondered,
“Today” or maybe, perhaps, “tomorrow”.



Jarringly, I found out that my
Kamikaze like memories would
Kill themselves off without my
Noticing (allegorically),
Before an acceptable
Time frame had
Dodged by.

Wait, I think I spoke too quickly.

What about suppression…
Could I possibly
Relish this as an excuse?
What about how close
You, actually, were to me..

Maybe it could’ve
Been a hybrid of reasons.


Cardinals supplied euphoric nectars
For wailing ruby throats
That cared a little too much,
That took place of bested negotiations.

Nervously they’d fidget inside
Derailed woes.

The eminent spinster spins
His preference for reds
With illusory wools.

Partially drugged up from supping
Prospects of caricatures caused
Disappearing one point perspectives; pain filled
Comprehensions in minute successions
Vanishing in memory’s loss.


The outer circumferential visage
Of isles laden with iridescent ores
Stained in champagnes and marines
In glimmering idiosyncratic meanderings
Surrounding nitrogenous asphyxiations
Of igneous deposits bent in silicon sheens
In plausible replications; seditiously contoured
Altercations met in disfigured capabilities
Exchanged in electronic measures whittled in biases.

Unraveling fates in magicks or in numbers
Within fabrications once anointed: reviled.

Unable to cast vapours, sans-senses,
Of the catalyst and its manifestations
Absolving it as wishful resonances.


They left glowing vapour trails
Gliding in the moonlit stratosphere
Waves of coloured lights undulated
Like the terrestrial Aurora Australis.

Stagnantly they hover within vision
Just for a moment,
Just long enough to soak it in,
Then they vanish.

If they wanted
They could have transmitted
Telepathic waves into our heads,
They could have made contact,
But they didn’t.

Only in memory,
So eventually
It’ll be
As if
They never existed.