Abnormalities shift in paranormal wise directions.

Abducted figures of morning glory’s moonflowers
Dismal in malformations, unwatered, cower, chiefly
Grimacing at the prospect of the doctored maleficence.

Granular textures pondered by the reticent
Cranium, as to what had been understood, entwined
From paraphernalia belonging to malcontented
Fissures that withstood morose restrictions, curdling
By way of the maladroit; their prehensile digits
Chromatically descending into why’s.


Dissolved Clarity

A typical genre
Of a difficult couple dines
In the stony confines
Of Cezanne’s extravaganzas
As knot like roots
Of snaking whispers
Originating from
A trio, far away,
Of disdainful solicitors
Are ignored within the id.

As they consumed
Oven baked carrots
Of connected purple hues,
Intricately infused with dope
Insouciantly laced by gangstas,

As a heartbeat morosely hums
In accordance to masteries
In rhythmic drums,
A tried soul dolefully
Experiences a stoking hunger
It had never known,
In this solitary wistful conclusion.


Flora and fauna waver inside of green bamboo
Liturgies, dwindling by the numbers in stinted
Abnormalities; a deft escapade into a cave womb.

Legions, in weaves, gather at the sun’s dragging eve.
Materialized celestial bodies, decked out in regalia,
Taunt at those taut covered lids, fabricating the inert.

Reactive stimuli, benign, latent, a recompensed spree;
Spuriously preferred folds shaped inside the imperious.


Attempts to vary exemplary notations
Requires compensation to rebuild edifices
From the fabrics of foundations.
It necessitates:
Astute attention to hidden structures
Of the other’s fundamentals of perception
Which can only be procured through
The passing of time in confessions
Made accidentally; vaguely or distinctly;
Focusing on points made from occident to orient,
Keeping tabs on distortions and moments of sagacity;
Replacing porcelain pillars for metal beams
Carrying materials required to flip a scheme,
While the holder of the toppling monument
Finds blissful escape in preconceived rubrics.

While there is value
For memory, determination, patience,
For proficiency, exploration, and experience,
Trying to completely rebuild landmarks
Carefully built from a life being lived
Does not equate to time, effort, or energy well spent.


The Day

Reviews of the day;
Monologues that used to
Consist of willed
Remembrances of words
That would fall from these lips;
The baseless formation
Of sounds
To thwarted
Tipless information.

Unsettling feelings of
Off putting ruminations
Nestled inside
As the loss of desire
To be envisioned
Is ordained to
The swirling abyss
In the ability to recollect
Minute details
To determine perceptions
As every past
Guttural noise
Of communication
Slickly escapes me;
Unable to mold
A single word.

Just the rhythm
Just the sound
Reeling on turntables
Of her powdery voice.


Nearly Tangible

Cautiously noting the mind’s receding ebb,
Drawn tides start to analyse what could be baryonic
Baryogenesis. Nearly tangible composite matter, a
Caustic reminder of how mind controlled fingers left me daunted.
Entreaties written in order to salvage my newfound motif,
Envelope me in irrefutable mysterious nebulaic puff.
Extended exposure or optical filters inspire
Extricated colours of nuanced diaphora,
Commonly referred to as love. As descended
Euphoric waves disdainfully entertain the beguiled.


Swirl and Flatter

Seraphs glide down from capes
In the forefront of our vision
As auburn violet hues
Paint the background.
Floating, soaring, rising
In slow motion,
Wings rise and fall,
They swirl and flatter
Their performance.

They goad us
With their perfumed hair;
Scents that taint
The purified oxygen.
They beam
Their sun ray smiles
That wash over
In searing
Thermal waves.
Their radiant
Bejeweled eyes
Sparkle and twinkle
Within the reluctant,
Buffeting mine.

“Play hide and seek with us.”
Lasciviously they laugh;
Sounds the heavens
Once knew;
Now covet;
Rhythmic honeyed voices
Thump in tympanic chambers
Softly caressing
Spiral labyrinths
Sending soothing,
Melting shivers,

Actually, they’re everywhere,
On every god forsaken landscape,
In every sphere of the spectrum air.

Sentence them to purgatory
Or to eternal damnation.
Separate them
From the rest of us;
Those with weak wills,
Who misplace our wits
Constantly falling
Into pits of lava.


She Would Say it Better

I can reason
That it was never about me;
That she was me, her, and him, and them;
She was
The thoughts that would slither and writhe
Deep inside the dark infinite expanse
Demonically apparating, flitting, in and out
Leaving particle trails of excrements
Laying waste in synaptic data encasement;

But I wanted it to be.

That was in some other life,
Some other utopian dream,
I created in efforts to keep,
This fantasy fiction that fate
Unfolded in front of me.

She would say it better
She was better with words

If she really wanted to make a connection
She could have reached out and grabbed
The trembling hand I had extended.

But she didn’t.

The idea
Of her cold lifeless body
Causes grief.