Blend In

Personalities of identifications
Synonymously chameleon
In between blended sceneries.

An emphatic bidirectional brushstroke
Is easily noticed
In unidirectional stroked paintings.

Empathetic rituals of dissonance’s;
Discordance against acceptances;
Wallflowers or wildflowers;
Differences and similarities;

Dualistic gains and losses in choices
Of speaking or remaining unspoken.



Revisiting Her Masterpiece

She painted a reflected
Image of characteristics;
Lineaments of partial features
In adroit textured brush strokes,
Ladened with mirrored allegorical acuity,
Metamorphic metaphorical cajolement;
Slabbed on deformities.

Traveling in elliptical pathways round galleries
I found myself adjourned, exquisitely torrid,
Revisiting her masterpiece.