Rash Ploughs

They dishonestly sought their horoscopes
From Celestial gazers who saw
Futures through mystical telescopes

Gregariously meeting their clamoring, they enhanced Tauruses
Boisterously standing along Pieces’ complexities.

Brazen ox men followed beads of crazy water routes
Filled with gudgeon, in order
To consume their source of food.



Armored cavalry aligned in rows
Against gated stone masonry,
Await with abated breath
As shadowed sundials surrender
To the ascending moon.

Condensed atmospheric vapour
Settle into droplets on leaflets,
Gliding down exhausted valleys
As water scorpions swivel and scurry
Across unidentifiable flesh pieces.

Archers point their swerving bows,
Releasing descending kinetic energies;
Of choices in redundancies.