In reticence they contemplate, commenting
About the ways to escape the exciting place
Where perverse triangular thorns were based,
Preventing their carefully laid out plans;
Surmounting nothing except foiled futures.
The genesis of the prototypal, of evaluated worth,
Spread their roots with effervescence,
Since the time genotypes
Might’ve been fumbled, quietly
Stirring in dark paletted vats
Located on the Space Station X.


Some Sort of Play

They be leanin’
Back on their cathedrae
Posin’ smugly, noggins tilted,
With they thug like swagga
With they arms positioned o’er
Promised sceptres, rollin’ n’ flickn’
Their wrists as they snapped
To ordinances within primal games.

Laymen at the ready
Dove into psychedelic waters
With loamy bottoms
Where winners were wiped away
Like dust on memorabilia
Stored inside storage units.

Conversely, they decided
To falsify the perceived actuality
Within tired memories and the
Credibility of loves psychoses.

Discouraged in worsening occurrences, they hate
The prospect of resurfacing dreamscapes
Without lungs they just
Be hopeful fantasies, summed up.
But in compliance, they
Just kept

To Be Beside Them

Sickle trees suddenly grew limbs,
Shooting arms and legs and then
Heavingly endeavored to embark on a journey
To uproot and move
To a bustling pea soup city
To grow closer
To celled fatalities in eventualities
When all their spirits upturned upon gravel embankments
Which revealed irregularities of residual mist
Within the errant plains of what was,
Perhaps, burlap.

Quite Quiet

Disbelieving the jarring
Slight of the harpy’s beak
Slipping in the front of her face
He scrambled forward,
Then hastily held it in place,
Futilely hopeful, at the firth,
As she sat up, still,
Unresponsive to anything he’d say.

His council coarsely shrills,
“Ho! Come,
Leave this bird woman
We’ve places to be today.”
While some inexplicable neuronal force
Keeps him from moving,
Yearning to stay.


Like frappant crazes of harmonic hazes
Phase breathless berserkers, wielding melded polearms
Laterally to steaming geysers,
Following reverberating sounds,
Far too close to the fore,
Debating to stall at rumbling hums
Brought forth by the earth’s
Tectonic plates shifting
With increasing force,
Causality incapacitated;
Struck into jagged macabre grounds,
Raggedly split open.

Broken voices in legato,
Reach out into the dark,
Furrowed lines writ on contorted faces,
Released into the cleft.

Too Few

Greeted every morning by
An indecipherable code,
Neatly hammered into man made posts,
He murmurs excitedly to himself,
Instantly searching for the first clue
To help him solve the
Disclosed candor she spent
Time hiding in messages to be closer to him.
Content hazily spending the
Day feeling as though she were beside him,
Before the last pointed foray
Until life would get in the way.

From A Hungered Life

Simian progenitors of Dracula,
Nascent, acquired superpowers
Divulging bodily aches;
Narcotic analgesics
Partially relieved targeted pain.

Disparaged, they slunk away in
Discombobulated motions, while the caught
Yearned to inhale psionic fumes
Disconcerted by confusion rays,
Hovering over imparted qualities
Woven into their DNA.

Holding tightly onto perceptions,
They gingerly sought
The treatment in question.