Gasping tiny jealousies came
From accosted provocative measures
Where they paid pied pipers
With their organistic ceramic pipes.

They wiped away the excess
Within guarded storied heights
Fraught with bleeding lines piled,
Created by imaginative fights.

Prevaricated obscenities slipped off
The misguided, consigned to inverted reliefs;
Deprecated hates designed inside whys,
Then-whats following syllogisms fees.

Sealed in authored envelopes
Without time capsules realigned
They then planted seeds to play
Little ol’ hearts on calliope keys.



Sleeping realities are swept underneath
Torn up beds of forgoed meetings
In the severity of apparition’s appearances.

Just another stranger’s glance,
Happenstances of planted friendships
Casting away flourishing romances by fate’s
Reckoning by it’s unduly deck hands,
Within repugnant scenes where
They would have been unseen.

The man of nonexistential seasoned love
Tossed away by the sides of the unwanted

Where they questioned
Their loves and tangibilities.


The dusty air settles;
Fuzzy green particles
Level into bins located in heaven
Where outsiders pwned the other’s win
By batches of hortatory whim.

Mini rubber sealed canisters
Prevent further accidental
Regressions in progression’s
Stakes in the middle of a collections competition.

Negative differences in the perceptions of the weak.

Consistency’s Consisting

Preferred fallacies of moats
Border phallic dams
Built by the fair of the ebbing and crashing
Tide’s convincing phasing motion.

The water’s specular reflection
Glinting through the torrid sun;
Leagues of nereids hiding beneath
Calm cool purple tinted indigo waters, amongst slews of herring,
Placed protective spells on distressed sailors lost at sea
To protect them from scaly sirens
That sung on days most disdainfully scalding.

Fishermen shake their heads in disbelief
Scoffing at the mention of slandered sirens.
For they’d covertly stared many a times into
The noticeably glaring black eyes of their lovers
So lovingly.

Possessed by the dispossessed
Shame of the beautiful
Dichotomy of love and hate
That were one and the same.


I ask her

As she sat across from me
With her legs crossed.
She looks down
And tucks her hand
Underneath her hair
And places it
Behind her neck
While the other
Stirs her drink.

She pauses.

“Be careful,
You don’t know
Anything about her
You don’t know
What she’s capable of.”

I sit there silently.

“Don’t be so unreasonable,
Don’t get so carried away
By your emotions.”

Dissolved Clarity

A typical genre
Of a difficult couple dines
In the stony confines
Of Cezanne’s extravaganzas
As knot like roots
Of snaking whispers
Originating from
A trio, far away,
Of disdainful solicitors
Are ignored within the id.

As they consumed
Oven baked carrots
Of connected purple hues,
Intricately infused with dope
Insouciantly laced by gangstas,

As a heartbeat morosely hums
In accordance to masteries
In rhythmic drums,
A tried soul dolefully
Experiences a stoking hunger
It had never known,
In this solitary wistful conclusion.


Always sanguinely grasping at spirits summoned by necromancers
As they would leave, we would chase them, searching, desperately
Anointing impossibilities despite respites in another attempt within the
Accumulating sands in realizations in hourglasses, a bewitching form.

Cumulated experiences that lead our never ending defeats;
Bullshitteries held up in white flags, gnaw on misleads;
Black velvet discrepancies; diminishing effortful fields
Analyzed in the opposite-of-brave steps inside clarity;
A sheen reflecting sun beam realities on our protruding nubs,
Ghastly dropped into sharp shredders inside ruddy shrubs.