Too Few

Greeted every morning by
An indecipherable code,
Neatly hammered into man made posts,
He murmurs excitedly to himself,
Instantly searching for the first clue
To help him solve the
Disclosed candor she spent
Time hiding in messages to be closer to him.
Content hazily spending the
Day feeling as though she were beside him,
Before the last pointed foray
Until life would get in the way.


From A Hungered Life

Simian progenitors of Dracula,
Nascent, acquired superpowers
Divulging bodily aches;
Narcotic analgesics
Partially relieved targeted pain.

Disparaged, they slunk away in
Discombobulated motions, while the caught
Yearned to inhale psionic fumes
Disconcerted by confusion rays,
Hovering over imparted qualities
Woven into their DNA.

Holding tightly onto perceptions,
They gingerly sought
The treatment in question.

So Afraid

They crafted ornamental shrines, unsure
Where to place exaggerated mandala designs,
Within microcosmic palaces, primarily timed
When the stars of the cosmos moved then aligned,
Wrapping up begotten warnings in warped signs
Between the dualistic symbiosis inside the astral world.
Where loves, tried and tired, for the immortal
Gods and goddesses, were encrusted with
Gems in Tuscan color schemes, meticulously
Complimenting multiple shades of shit,
But let’s call it earth tones for the sake of poetry.

Falsified deities sobbing at
Kinds of love, unduly given,
So much so, they wanted to believe
Such phantasmal suffusions, ever hopeful
They could one day sigh with relief.


Discordful characters, scribbled, originating
From black sands of volcanic beaches, inscribed on mulberry paper,
Float and flit in rippling flagellation
Towards a resting codex,
Sequestered inside a villa.

Vanishing into smoky shadowy vestiges
Rematerialising into digitised pixels,
Vibrantly shimmering in iceberg hues
Turning into undetermined fillers
While hiding their life’s secrets
While dangling rues;

Tidbits of information
Hanging over the face of a cliff.

Where bunnies whiff
The faintest hint of vanilla honey lemons.


Dimensional lightning bug larvae,
Laid in wait, emitting bioluminescent
Triadic cyanic neon greens,
Surging, lasting in dimension lilies
With tumescent wavelengths of
The deepest burgundy shades.

Seducing oodles of greenish
Prey, attracted, sheepishly falling
For their enamored pillowy callings,
Freakishly knowing the yearnings
Far better than those they ate.

Before some force of nature,
Reflective of human type existence,
Grabbed and tossed
Then stomped and slid
Their feet grating
Their pretty guts across
The pavement’s surface.

Sentient remnants glow,


How they had wished
To relive.

Bouncing Faces

Worn embellishments glimmer from larger porpoises;
Pornographic cetacean organisms. Anglerfishes with smiley faces
Gregariously illuminating meticulously covered
Blow holes with angled barnacle strips inside oceanic mines.

*Pomiferous erogenous diving zones*, written on a sign
Where starburst orcas and other finely finned women
Knowingly swam, not thinking ‘bout the dangers within.

Finesse in interacting, including prehensile dexterity, cunningly stealing
Kills, nod up triumphantly, rapturous, each time they’d win,
Cloistered up into nooks ‘stead of roaming tropical seas.
Bipartisan shenanigans oppressing sought out frequencies;

Honorable dishonesties filed into an ironic line
On – human forms of summed up decencies,
Sojourned to arced carats of negated sentences,
Preposterously denied caveats, continuously feasting
On bottomless bowls of poisoned caviar.

Just Isn’t Enough

Types of touchless expressions layered
On red exoskeletons when they reached the exosphere,
Conjuring historical archives on glossy screens, going up
Articulated thermodynamic scenes, through past lives
Liabilities within christened thermospheric times
Lost in not so distant meteoric realities.

Brilliant wonders searching for what one found in
The other, disintegrating yearnings at the mesosphere
Proportionately connected into lettered stratospheres,
Their arthropodic bodies strategically strapped into cushy seats,
Prevented their teleportation abilities,
Powerless in their adorably disappointed
Tiny android anthropomorphic forms, sobbing,
Lamenting, apologetically at etude tropes that surmounted
To breathing difficulties, unrelenting at tropospheric altitude peaks.

Duly Spoken

They offered empty golden statues,
Stating boldly, interjecting in amphitheaters,
That they had found the object
That would guide them
To a life in permanence
To the gods of agnosticism.

So these men, one day
Set sail on mechanical ships to the seas,
Whilst the sun shone most brilliantly,
Towards the oracles that resided
Within the deepest depths of ocean caves
Where they received their prophecies
That doomed their eternal lives,
Chained to the charmless road
Where love would cease to confide.

Hopeful fantasies of immortality
Were replaced by the idea
That all men were made to be mortal;
The promise that death
Would be the only force in velocity
That would drive them away;
Spells turned into a skidding rarity.

While they decided to keep faith
That knowing their fates
Was what would separate
Theirs from the rest.

On Love Lane

Unicorn breeds of centaurs
Unctuously strangled pages
Nihilistically on nebulaic planes.

Air Forces throttling controls to prevaricate
Actionable miscellaneous sounding
Alarms, judiciously.

Unable to liken the situation to a calm, the
Forestalling of heat coming from realities accelerating
Kinetic energies inducing gaseous compressions,
Remotely, was left unresolved. Where strangely unreadable
Frictions, regrettably moaned, inside the SpaceVoid’s passenger
Compartment; a once conceived novelty, the first.