Discordful characters, scribbled, originating
From black sands of volcanic beaches, inscribed on mulberry paper,
Float and flit in rippling flagellation
Towards a resting codex,
Sequestered inside a villa.

Vanishing into smoky shadowy vestiges
Rematerialising into digitised pixels,
Vibrantly shimmering in iceberg hues
Turning into undetermined fillers
While hiding their life’s secrets
While dangling rues;

Tidbits of information
Hanging over the face of a cliff.

Where bunnies whiff
The faintest hint of vanilla honey lemons.



Dimensional lightning bug larvae,
Laid in wait, emitting bioluminescent
Triadic cyanic neon greens,
Surging, lasting in dimension lilies
With tumescent wavelengths of
The deepest burgundy shades.

Seducing oodles of greenish
Prey, attracted, sheepishly falling
For their enamored pillowy callings,
Freakishly knowing the yearnings
Far better than those they ate.

Before some force of nature,
Reflective of human type existence,
Grabbed and tossed
Then stomped and slid
Their feet grating
Their pretty guts across
The pavement’s surface.

Sentient remnants glow,


How they had wished
To relive.

Bouncing Faces

Worn embellishments glimmer from larger porpoises;
Pornographic cetacean organisms. Anglerfishes with smiley faces
Gregariously illuminating meticulously covered
Blow holes with angled barnacle strips inside oceanic mines.

*Pomiferous erogenous diving zones*, written on a sign
Where starburst orcas and other finely finned women
Knowingly swam, not thinking ‘bout the dangers within.

Finesse in interacting, including prehensile dexterity, cunningly stealing
Kills, nod up triumphantly, rapturous, each time they’d win,
Cloistered up into nooks ‘stead of roaming tropical seas.
Bipartisan shenanigans oppressing sought out frequencies;

Honorable dishonesties filed into an ironic line
On – human forms of summed up decencies,
Sojourned to arced carats of negated sentences,
Preposterously denied caveats, continuously feasting
On bottomless bowls of poisoned caviar.

Asset’s Bountiful Dangers

Lost prehistoric hydras
Lay resting, curled up, at
Their suffusive indigo lagoons.
Dreaming silky dreams about the world’s
Vainest trivialities in submissive
Full spectrum trails that spun and were multihued;
Soft malleable surfaces organized above
The volcanized earthen bedrock.

Forbearers presiding over
This scene, breathe in
The emanating rancid fumes
Reminiscent of sulfuric odors
Commentating on the horrific,
Questioning their livelihood, individually
Bouncing off vulcanized rubbers.

Residual effects amid disturbances
From palpable voices escaping
Their petulant lips,
Slicing steady airy vapors, upon contact
Stir these bleary eyed beasts,
Pulsating veins, indifferently thrashing
Their orifices exposing shark like teeth,
Quickly tamed by way of Indra’s metalloid hands

Who sparked into being, gently murmured,
“Let’s calm and recant
You bitter monster”,


Abnormalities shift in paranormal wise directions.

Abducted figures of morning glory’s moonflowers
Dismal in malformations, unwatered, cower, chiefly
Grimacing at the prospect of the doctored maleficence.

Granular textures pondered by the reticent
Cranium, as to what had been understood, entwined
From paraphernalia belonging to malcontented
Fissures that withstood morose restrictions, curdling
By way of the maladroit; their prehensile digits
Chromatically descending into why’s.

They’re Good

She spits through hollowed unfolded fangs
Spritzing venom drawn from intrinsic sacs
Located behind her intoxicated garnet eyes

Releasing a form of raison d’etre
Discolored by phlegmy codes,
Her cringe worthy attempts at humor

Temporally inclined towards grown tumors
From slightly disguised phlegmatic modes,
She writhed in responding nonsensical skelter.

Disparaging quests in a fornication in forgotten ties
Forcibly enhanced to invalidate the beliefs that she lacked,
During days in estranged delusions where bells once rang.

Consistency’s Consisting

Preferred fallacies of moats
Border phallic dams
Built by the fair of the ebbing and crashing
Tide’s convincing phasing motion.

The water’s specular reflection
Glinting through the torrid sun;
Leagues of nereids hiding beneath
Calm cool purple tinted indigo waters, amongst slews of herring,
Placed protective spells on distressed sailors lost at sea
To protect them from scaly sirens
That sung on days most disdainfully scalding.

Fishermen shake their heads in disbelief
Scoffing at the mention of slandered sirens.
For they’d covertly stared many a times into
The noticeably glaring black eyes of their lovers
So lovingly.

Possessed by the dispossessed
Shame of the beautiful
Dichotomy of love and hate
That were one and the same.


Likeminded herds,
Heard fretful antlered growths
Where merrily made guises
Kept fading into the distant
Sorrows of slowly rotting carcasses,

Resting in the fractured pieces of
Divestments in the unturned (as of yet)
Hallowed investments of those untamed
Coyote minds, ever watchful of fractalizing
Detachments after having upturned
These beratingly hushful uncertainties in
Resentful wooded dreams inside glasses of
Jaded memories ticking forward
That then staggered and froze,
When they unstartlingly pondered,
“Today” or maybe, perhaps, “tomorrow”.


Cardinals supplied euphoric nectars
For wailing ruby throats
That cared a little too much,
That took place of bested negotiations.

Nervously they’d fidget inside
Derailed woes.

The eminent spinster spins
His preference for reds
With illusory wools.

Partially drugged up from supping
Prospects of caricatures caused
Disappearing one point perspectives; pain filled
Comprehensions in minute successions
Vanishing in memory’s loss.