Shits and Giggles

They sit at tapering tables, placing orders,
Sailors dressed up in turds, sort of chic,
Atop of stone masonry galleys gabbing
About abbots appealing with a sense of
Austerity, coarsely rocking in rustic auburn
Lighting, morose in their poop filled heads,
Multiple personalities discussing disgusting
Excrements, with no table manners no less,
Pretending they’re not affected by passers
Passing judgement, as though profundity
Somehow lied in their prides, gathered
And packed, wearing embellished mules
Sardonically in their irony, because dossier
Truths must have only belonged to them.

“That table is brown.”
“I know.”
But they contemplate the necessity
In pointing out the obvious, because
The obvious wasn’t actually
“But it’s… brown…” (???)
Because they probably didn’t remember
The phrase they said in that dimly lit tavern
On a ship at some arbitrarily dreamt up bay.

Human Blight

Indie spinsters confirm under estimations as paupers
Welded streams stream, wiles in the covert actionably contact
Shouldered discomfort seldom in what was felt, thoughtlessly
Extricated, prolonging a sense of longing, harnessings detached
From onlookers’ and their sadomasochistic blithe, whence
Younger generations of rights in civilizations and their light
Oneiric, intents transparent, they snort potpourri illusorily
Click, click, click, convincing everyone wolves traversed beyond,
They spy, creeping in the shadows, weighted steps encroach,
Running silently across grassy acred yards, silvery reflections
Glisten from blades, beneath and unsheathed,
Whereupon they reached a glade,

They pause,

Chases premediated by the gods,
Blasted rose petals magically appear
Out from the thin air,
Standing too far, within reach.

Ivan Torrent – The Edge Of Consciousness (Epic Powerful Inspirational Hybrid)

Documented Plenty

Outstretched arms balancing mini hominins ubiquitously alarmed,
Urgently skip on terracotta, alternating limbs blur in a flurry, accented
In the scents of wispy frost, leaving no traces on fluffy settlements; a
Dilapidated building, long ago erected with pagodas, footprints perhaps
Knocked down, crunched up, randomised prior to having wandered in
Dank floors, ghostly memoirs procured from dusty grimoires, flakey
Centrifugal forces spin in finite axels, arms drawn in atlases elegiac
Beauty at dawn, dawning arthropodic instincts towards caught flares
Thinking ever so slightly, hoping to face incantations then, alas, fate
Garishly laughs at their privy in gritty countable chances confirmed.

Libeccio – Dominique Charpentier

Somewhere I’m Sure

She rests her head, heaving, too much on the side of
Ivories unsure, scant her real tears streaking past eyes and an ear,
Tints unseen, wisely dropping atop a harnessed memento mori,
Opalescent pillow tops, tired moonstone distances acute,
Klink icily without disappearing searing loves received and given
Abjectly expressing despairs in memories, thinking at an end
Yielding semantical heartbreak if but bested in severities.

Helios (feat. Max Knoth, Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg) · Dirk Maassen

Absolved Love and Hate

Ostensible causalities, apprehensibly reprehensible, mitigate
Tantalising remembrances of dimensional beasts, harbingers
Yammering about enchantments flick ofuda card talismans
And seal what were alternate universe demons, mysteriously vetoing
Nonchalant counterparts sit strung on ledges aeolian breathing,
Observing from distances, footholds hoping, ameliorating
Incremental stasis, gazing about at scapes, forlorn in uncertainty,
Negligibly mesmeric, defunct versions of Occam’s razors trace
Grappled ropes gliding on one hand, the other scuttling, skidding down slopes.

Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings – ODESZA

Canonical Patrons

Galactic icey rocket astronauts, prioritize the quest’s paramountcy,
Teleporting into foreign sectors of political alignments, eyed
Sbyll systems referencing illumined balancing acts on escapades
Frantic in illusions risqué, posthumous medals with reliefs of acanthi
Variants, raised eases in painlessness like consumptions cyclically
Timed for slaking the vampiric, this illusorily sown at the uttermost chaste
Generation, having practiced self-control, when they said “shiznits”.

The Workers of Art – The Cinematic Orchestra

Close With Lapses

Sinuous slender hands curl monuments, positioning myriads of
Rhodium roses, mercurial oscillations viscous vibrate,
Xenus dusts propagate faunae and florae in bothered claims,
Venous pathways decided in babbling existentialisms
Vying for smooth answers with their mundane questions,
Asking why are we here, for what purpose, explicitly
Gambling away talked souls, shuffling clattering sticks
Rustically inside wood finishings, speckled vessels contain
Morbid fortunes told and untold, plastered in their
Mnemonic devices delivering fates, actuated errors
N’ bombastic mistakes in solutions, ideated at somber
Crypts, dimly lit in differentiations at slighted arcs, still
Seething in acids brought forth by beings that proclaimed.

LAAKE – Introspective

Amend Then Owed

Brushing past processing high-brow strangers, cuddly
Motivators of cheeky humanistic tendencies
Iterated capacities in poem alliterations of
Tchaikovskyian natures of the intelligentsia
Ruthlessly bet tasteless honesties, ancestors of a
Rhinoceros huntresses wantonly buck, proudly upturning
Nascent incompetence, heartily justified to be
Silly frivolities on tops of real verdant rosary fields, arbitrary
Plumes shaking in nacre iridescences, pop.   

Baer – Laminate Pet Animal

Hazily Lit

Our pure stories falling amidst the dusty debris, increasingly
Unambiguous chaoses in vortices of when we’d disambiguated
Beliefs in what love was, these cortices contextually indicative in cities
Belonging to non-clichés in your naiveté, ever so necessary, meticulous
Jaunts in fairly, naturally, spiraling plans of universal fates, accidental
Kindred spirits with personality traits hear then sabres end, nearly
Exactifying past mistakes in duly credits, poking bodily bearings,
Reduced to phantasmal states, extracting quests in existentialisms.

The Legend of Ashitaka (From “Princess Mononoke”) – Jonetsu

Proudly, So Many

Starry eyed owls auditorily swoosh and zoom and
Rush by us, woah, hoot damn, j’adore, at outdoor saloons,
Yes, with real celestial celerity, might extricated,
Eviscerating trust in lust, insanities scant on lush
Accents handsomely silken, scattering amusedly n’
Hushing comically, throwing out kush, wantonly
Then hollowly imploring, save be before longing
Rudimentary sensory movements demoting, ruling
Uncovered ploys, confirming, as though she knew.

Pide piso – Pajofondo