Possessions itemize supposed to be’s;
Mean derivatives of order or sense in numbers,
Lettered for whores, supposedly, more towards
Calculating directions to a smorgasbord.

Living in obsolete faith and trust,
Scrambling to find meaning in “it must”,
They’d contemplate errors in lust
Filled encounters, while not meaning
To make so many, countless, in horror,
Giving away, perhaps, a bit
Too much.


Desiccation on alpines,
Incessant, past above tree lines,
Climates change, auditory plans
Nimrods made on intergalactic waves,
When planets reversed, rehearsals
Ecstatically retraced the thrill in a chase,
Imbued in petrichor within their skillful observance,
Devout, resolute, they’d call and planned it,
Devouring a kind of wrathful vehemence in their taste for flesh,
Iterations in possessions that were, were thwarted.

6 Words

In a sentence, calling a reenvisioned history (in form)
Of shuddering angsts that had most assuredly past, tensed up, in short
A lingering phrase of sorts ran awry, indicating
A trickling phase that lied beyond normalcy
A Pharisee speaks with a type of schizoid apathy
About sacked schizophrenic archetypes, hallucinating
Forever’s lasts in prophecies, on the subject of their progeny.

They Define

Subjects in each of their subjective objectiveness
Twirl with ribbons in their rhythmic gymnastics,
Pouring down light curls of silk and satin,
Obsessively, in parallels, these subjects
Illustrate illusory allusions, subjecting
Luminescences directed to a beauty within
Literary devices, from a world where agelessness
Nearly lead their existence to extinction.


Yet, what was said was surrendered.

Fallen men, in their greater hope to conquer,
Obliquely conjured up a condemnation;
Rules that had been set by condemned nations.

Turning away from their conquest, they
Ultimately rendered all endeavors null,
Neither placating nor lulling the instinctive,
Extricated from some subsequent location.

The Words

Imps implicating fevered gifts
Meant cemented confounds sounded
Mildly snuffed out. Talking about seconded
Eugenics begrudgingly hidden in a rift.

Drifting errors leading them
Into mornings, where suns rising
Occurred gregariously, letting them
Concur stoutly in deference, that
Reverence eluded replaceability, and
Even dared to imply that souls could vary.

In Some Other

You see her.

She’s sitting, shoulders back, still,
You stand there, watching
Her hair,
Swaths and swirls,
While she’s
In a liquefied realm;
The pressure’s unrelenting,
But somehow she’s breathing still.

Telepathically producing
Images pouring forth,
They reel at speeds
Unaccounted for.

Her eyes,
Panickily jerk
Underneath her eyelids, she’s
Shifting through other lifetimes
Originating from disordered timelines
Trying to catch where it was that she lost you.

When it was
That she had read
Someone else’s letter
Thinking it was you,

When it was,
To her chagrin, that she had
Fell in love
With someone that wasn’t you.

Up On Rockets

On a rocket ship in a far of place
ln a galaxy, twinkling constellations
Illuminated a finite outer space.
He says, “Quickly, pace
Yourself with hurried steps, now
Enter, immerse thyself in frigid
Waters, erst I wilt not be there
Up on the edge.
Let us give fate a test,
Whereupon thy resurfacing,
An embrace, touch upon flesh,
Awaits thee, as thou hast seen
Upon thine own discovery.”

She says, “’Twas but a painful venture,
A comeuppance full of fitful unpleasantries.”

He thereupon leaves, on a pod
Despite her pleas, into the vapors
Of Mercurial X, joining floating debris.