Attempts to vary exemplary notations
Requires compensation to rebuild edifices
From the fabrics of foundations.
It necessitates:
Astute attention to hidden structures
Of the other’s fundamentals of perception
Which can only be procured through
The passing of time in confessions
Made accidentally; vaguely or distinctly;
Focusing on points made from occident to orient,
Keeping tabs on distortions and moments of sagacity;
Replacing porcelain pillars for metal beams
Carrying materials required to flip a scheme,
While the holder of the toppling monument
Finds blissful escape in preconceived rubrics.

While there is value
For memory, determination, patience,
For proficiency, exploration, and experience.
Trying to completely rebuild landmarks
Carefully built from a life being lived
Does not equate to time, effort, or energy well spent.


The Day

Reviews of the day;
Monologues that used to
Consist of willed
Remembrances of words
That would fall from these lips;
The baseless formation
Of sounds
To thwarted
Tipless information.

Unsettling feelings of
Off putting ruminations
Nestled inside
As the loss of desire
To be envisioned
Is ordained to
The swirling abyss
In the ability to recollect
Minute details
To determine perceptions
As every past
Guttural noise
Of communication
Slickly escapes me;
Unable to mold
A single word.

Just the rhythm
Just the sound
Reeling on turntables
Of her powdery voice.



Abundant alliterations acting as accusations
Are affronted as accommodations;
Baseless bitterness bear boorish
Benefactors bitten beyond boredom;
Countless cyclic circumferences
Confound calculated circumstances;
Deafening discontented drivel
Demand divergent dictations;
Embittered enraged eruptions
Endanger embrittled encumbrances;
Fiercely fervent forbearance’s
Fickly folding feeble furor;
Gaining garish glares governing
Grotesque garnished grievances;

Of human kind.


By Some

Sidelining the shadows
Cautioned hesitance causes
A dip of a limb
Into pools lit in luminescence.
A feeble lane line is supplied
Inquiring as an extension
As its buoyancy acts
As mystical ley lines
Sinking under scrutiny.
Overexposure to ultraviolet rays
Burns the outer epidermal layer
Forcing us back to our den.

Understanding is no longer necessary.
Even if they may be soliloquies,
To be granted a moment of brevity
In the suns flickering radiant gaze
By some passersby,
Is more than enough.


This Nectar

Immersed in lukewarm
Strawberry nectar waves
Of a cadenced eudaimonic
Voice rapt in superfluous
Cantabiles, pour fluctuating
Language in romantic surges,
Pulling heart strings suavely
In rapidly paced tremolos.
I sit agog in ardor,
Basking in sweet fragrances.
Tasting the sourness
As the brain
Slowly makes the realisation
This nectar is poisoned.